Regional Sales Manager- Europe

  • Company: Bellroy
  • Job Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Date: April 5, 2018 09:31
  • Employment Type: permanent
  • Experience: medior
  • Job Functions:


Job summary

We're looking for a confident, curious, and collaborative human who's energized by the idea of getting our products into hands and spaces across the globe. And by doing so, contributing to our mission of helping the world carry with greater simplicity and ease. At Bellroy, we like to delight our customers, energize those around us, and power the growth of our company with talent, smarts and a good bit of elbow grease. We're looking for a Regional Sales Manager to help us expand and nurture the European region - could it be you?

As a key member of our sales team, you'll take the lead on wholesale sales for Bellroy in the EU. You'll bring your intimate knowledge of the European retail landscape to manage our sales team over there (from your base in Jan Juc), and effectively balance the responsibility of managing people, differences in time zones, and your own workload. You'll work closely with our Sales Director to connect with new and existing key retail partners and apply our sophisticated sales processes. You'll be responsible for making sure our EU component is pulling in the same direction as the rest of the Wholesale team to help Bellroy thrive.

If you bring your combined wholesale sales and team management abilities, we'll give you the tools and freedom you need to do your thing, a kick-arse team to bounce off, and the support you need to flourish. Not to mention the travel...

Job description


You're a people person, and a natural leader - you mightn't have applied that to managing a team yet, but you have the skills and you're ready for the challenge. Eager to manage a team, you also love the idea of helping to build that team yourself.

You're confident (but not cocky - there's a difference, and you know it), resilient and full of initiative. And you can spin a (genuine) story like a boss. Face to face, over the phone, in an email… doesn't matter. It's all the same to you. Human to human. You not only connect to those humans, but you genuinely understand where they're coming from, too. You can see things from a retailer's perspective, and know just how to bring their needs and ours together to create long-lasting partnerships.

You know Europe - you might have lived there, worked there, or at least spent a decent amount of time pounding its cobbled pavements. You have at least three years' experience managing wholesale sales, and you have some design geek to go with your sales charm. Often the brilliance of our products needs some explanation, which is fine because you're comfortable doing so in a compelling, well-informed and genuine manner.

You're motivated by a challenge, and by delivering exceptional results for a young brand doing awesome things. You've got the skills needed to build relationships and make sales, and these skills are wrapped up in integrity and respect. At Bellroy, we focus on long-term quality relationships with the right people, to ensure our common business goals are met. If you're looking for a sales job that's a bit different, you've found it.


Job qualifications


  • Spoken to one of our largest European retailers to talk through current sell-through, SOH, refill and VM opportunities
  • Paid close attention to outgoing orders to ensure shipping deadlines and retailer compliance are met
  • Touched base with our EU sales team sales in your weekly calls
  • Spent time with the Global Sales Director to update on current performance and plan the execution of new product release strategy
  • Reviewed regional pricing, then shared feedback with the design and product development team
  • Sent personal emails to accounts reminding them of an imminent product release
  • Arranged for the EU sales team to perform product training at a handful of small retailers to support them with sales
  • Fed back on a few performance issues with a distributor through Skype
  • Researched and found five possible new retailers, small and large
  • Prepared for the key upcoming trade-show in Europe.


This is a full-time role, we are flexible on location and will consider the role to be based in Jan Juc, Fitzroy or Europe. 

Work hours will be flexible in order to navigate the time differences when required.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!


Have a good look around our website, read Our Story page and get a feel for who we are. If you think you'd be a good fit, please send us your cover letter, resume and answers to the questions below

  • Q1: Identify three European stores you think Bellroy should be stocked in. Provide us with an overview of each store, two brands they stock that would complement Bellroy, and their customer demographic.

    Q2: How would you go about getting Bellroy into these stores? Take us through your approach.

    Q3: Bellroy works with many retailers in Europe. Identify one and tell us what you think we’re doing well and also where some opportunities for improvement might exist.